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Writing the marketing plan portion of the business plan

Continuing on with the next part of the business plan to the meat of the whole thing -the marketing plan portion. I will cut and paste examples of my actual plan because I think it will be easier for you to write your own if you can use one for reference.

Listed below are the components that are important to include in your marketing plan:
1. Overview of your marketing plan
2. Marketing campaigns - write out exactly what you do for each campaign
3. Calendar each of your marketing plans by month
4. Calendar your daily activity

Here are examples of what my plan looks like:

Overview of Marketing Plan
1. Future Business (Prospecting)
A. A & B client campaign
B. Raving fans
C. Referral program
D. Client appreciation barbecue
E. Expired/withdrawn 8x8 campaign
F. Buyer prospect Agent Achieve campaign
G. Websites
H. Open Houses
I. Signs/directionals
J. Just listed/Just Solds
K. Developing business relationships*
L. Pick-of-the Week*
M. Blog*

2. Current Business(Sellers and Buyer)
A. 8x8 for pre-sold listings
B. …

Writing a business plan

In 2007, I wrote my first business plan and it changed my business. I was about to leave real estate and go back to full-time teaching because my business had literally dried up and I was at the panicking point. Kind of as an afterthought, I wrote a business plan and then worked the plan and 2007 was a very profitable year and along with that, I had a life. I tweaked my plan for 2008 and had even a better year, and now I have rewritten my 2009 plan and am already working it and am seeing results now.

Business plans are not hard to write, but I think that people don't know how to write one so they don't do it. Over the next few days I am going to explain the components of the plan and show you examples of my plan that will, hopefully, help you to write a plan of your own.

The main components of a plan are:
1. Mission/Vision statement
2. Goals
3. Marketing Plan and Calendar
4. Budget

Today let's just concentrate on the mission statement and if you follow what I have below it wi…

Are things really that bad?

I went to Arden Fair Mall last Friday around noon and could not find a parking space. I drove around and around and after 20 minutes I decided to pay the $3.00 and get valet parking. Then I get into the mall to have lunch and the place is packed. Granted it was noon on a Friday, but based on everything I read in read in the news, I figured people were choosing to eat at home these days.

I have noticed the stores are crowded as well. I have stood in more lines this season than I can any season I can remember in the last few years. It seems as though there are as many cashiers as usual, so I don't think the lines are being caused because of lack of help.

My point is that things may not be as bad as everyone is hearing. My thought is that bad news sells - and the media is taking full advantage of any and all negative news about the economy. In the meantime, the rest of the country will go about their business and, hopefully, an economic turnaround is going to happen sooner than …

Buyers are out there!

I held an open house on Saturday at one of my listings in Fair Oaks. It was a cold, overcast day and there was a Christmas event and parade in the Fair Oaks Village, so I was wondering how many prospective buyers would stop by. This coupled with the total negativity of the economy and the fact that people have Christmas on their minds, I thought I might have no one show up.

I was pleasantly surprised with the steady flow of prospective buyers that attended especially with all of the seemingly strikes against it. Buyers saw the open house advertised on the various Internet sites and made a special trip to come to see the home. Other people saw the open house direction signs and came. Everyone who attended were looking to buy a home in the near future.

Some of these buyers are currently renting and want to buy a home now since prices have fallen to a level of such great affordability - plus interest rates are phenomenal. Other buyers are going to keep their current home, rent it out…

Great time for move-up buyers!

I am asked all the time if anyone is selling their home these days since prices have dropped so dramatically over the last couple years. Actually people are still selling their homes. Some people have to sell for typical reason like job transfer, divorce, death and so on. One group of people that are selling are the move-up buyers.

The people who want a bigger, nicer house are taking advantage of this buyer's market and are cashing in on savings on their next purchase. Sure, they are taking less for their house, but they are buying the next house for much less as well. I encourage move-up buyers to act now because this is the time when the market is really working in their favor. That $750,000 home that was unaffordable for them has just been discounted by 30% and that is a huge savings for anyone.

Real estate seems to be either a buyer's or seller's market. When it's a seller's market, those that are downsizing really benefit when they sell. In a buyer'…

What's happening in Fair Oaks, CA

Since I specialize in Fair Oaks, I get asked about the state of the real estate market a lot. I tell people that I have some good news and some bad news. The good news is that inventory for single family homes is down almost 25% compared to the same time last year. Additionally sales are up when compared to sales of the same period last year which is encouraging.

What isn't such good news is that home values have dropped significantly. The median price for homes in Fair Oaks has dropped nearly 30% over the last year. The influx of foreclosure homes is what has really had an effect on home prices. In 2007, only 14% of the home sales were from foreclosed homes; this year foreclosures account for nearly 50% of the sold homes in Fair Oaks.

Of course, declining values is a big negative for homeowners, but it is very good news for home buyers trying to get into the highly-sought-after Fair Oaks area. There is a silver lining in everything, so I tell buyers that it is time to make their mo…