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Feng Shui Fixes

Selling a home can be one of the most biggest decisions a person can make in life. That is why it is very crucial that you are educated on the topic.

When selling your house, try to make it look as attractive as possible to a potential buyer. This doesn't need to be expensive: simply a lick of paint indoors or making sure the windows are sparkling. For outside attraction, plant some brightly colored flowers, and be sure that your lawn is freshly mowed. Do not neglect to make your home decor as neutral as possible when you are trying to sell. Even though your decor will not have to stay with the home when you leave, some people have a hard time looking past decor. They do not look and see the house for what it is.

Try a few quick Feng Shui fixes. Clearing clutter outside and in is essential to allowing good energy to flow. It will present a welcoming feeling to any prospective buyer. Attract buyers to your home by painting the front door a powerful China red.  You want to convey …

Why Buy a Short Sale?

Although there are quite a few opinions when it comes to short sales, most would agree that a short sale can be a great way to get into a home that is below market price. REO, or real estate owned properties, are also good, but these usually result in a bidding war. Another advantage to purchasing a short sale is getting the property for a considerable discount, as the lender is anxious to get the money back that was loaned out. This may also work to the buyer's advantage as the lender may offer beneficial financing terms. Another positive in purchasing a short sale is that the seller is involved in the procedure and the buyer will have the seller's assistance.

Reasons Why People Have Short Sales

There are many scenarios possible in a typical short sale hardship. Some of the usual issues we have encountered are:

- "I lost my job and now am unemployed"
- "My employer reduced my pay. Overtime eliminated, regular hours or base pay reduced"
- "I am underemployed. I lost my job, but my new job pays less than my old job"
- "A borrower or primary wage earner in the household died."
- "I am self-employed and have endured a decline in business earnings"
- "My spouse, domestic partner, or co-borrower has been incarcerated in jail."
- "I have suffered a permanent or short-term disability"
- "A serious illness has impacted a household member"
- "I am now divorced"
- "I am now separated"
- "My employer has suffered a natural or man-made disaster impacting my income (such as, wildfires, floods, hurricanes, etc)"
- "I or a family member has suffered a disability or il…

Two Types of Lenders

There are two types of lenders in the loan market - direct lenders and finance brokers. Finance brokers do not lend money; instead they match lenders with potential borrowers. Brokers will have access to several lenders and many different loan products. Direct lenders on the other hand do lend money directly, cutting out any middleman and handling the whole loan process from start to finish.

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Home Staging for a Vacant Home

Selling a vacant home can be challenging. Most buyers can't visualize their furniture in a home with no furnishings.

If you hire a professional stager, the stager will usually provide the furnishings or accessories. It does help reduce your costs if you can leave some large pieces of furniture like tables and chairs or a bed in the home. I always advise clients to hire a professional stager because the cost of the staging is often less than a price reduction and may be tax deductible. Stagers also know what decor sells a home.   However, if you are set on doing the staging yourself, I would recommend looking on Craigslist on-line in your local area for furnishings. You can get some beautiful things for a fraction of the cost and once your home has sold, you can resell the items. Sometimes, the buyers will ask to purchase the furnishings. You may want to provide your realtor with a listing of the items you wish to sell in case this happens. He can indicate in the MLS listing that…