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There's No Place Like Home - Home Base that Is!!

With the World Series just ending, it’s got me in the mood to reminisce about my sons’ and my baseball trip this year. This was our fifth season of baseball park hopping and we took two separate trips to see four more major league baseball stadiums. The first week of June we were at Safeco Park in Seattle, and later in the summer we spent a week in Southern California and went to the three ballparks there. Initially I thought it was going to be a little less exciting as compared to our previous trips because we were staying so close to home, but like every year so far, it proved to be a great experience that created more memories for my sons and me and even produced a new “best hot dog”.

I am not sure why, but Ichiro is one of my son’s favorite players so going to Safeco Park to watch him play on his home field made this park extra exciting for Sam. Safeco, like many parks we have been to, is located the city’s downtown so we were able to walk to the stadium while enjoying the sight…

Grammar 101

Grammar Mistakes for Agents to Avoid

Complete Sentences – A sentence needs a subject and predicate (verb).

1. Comma Splice – I wrote an offer today, it was accepted by
the seller.
A. Add a conjunction after the comma:
I wrote an offer today, and it was accepted by the seller.
B. Replace the comma with a semicolon:
I wrote an offer today; it was accepted by the seller.
C. Change the compound sentence into two separate
I wrote and offer today. It was accepted by the
2. Run-on sentence – I wrote an offer today it was accepted by the seller.
A. Correct in the same manner as correcting comma splice.

3. Combining an independent clause and dependent clause – I can get your offer accepted today, if you can send me a pre-approval letter.
A. Do not add a common when you are joining an independent clause with a dependent…