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Change your business a day at a time

I've talked a lot about mission statements, goals and marketing plans which are so effective in taking your business to the place you want it. Don't stop there because usually these plans are done for a year at a time and if the plans are monitored daily, they can go by the wayside quickly.

That is why I am a big proponent of a daily plan for marketing and prospecting. This is a day-by-day list of what you are going to do to accomplish all the things in your yearly marketing plan. If you are anything like me after a day of listing appointments, showing property, and keeping my escrows alive I tend to let the things that aren't urgent slip by and pretty soon the things that keep the business alive past your current escrows.

I actually have a partner that makes sure all of the e-mail and mailed marketing gets done, and if I didn't have her I couldn't make it. What I have to do is get out among people; I have to make phone calls and write personal notes. I need to …