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There's an app for that!

I've been in real estate in Fair Oaks and the Sacramento area for a while now. Starting out, after working as a public school teacher for 27 years, was certainly exciting, sometimes nerve-wracking, and quite a bit different in many ways than it is these days. Of course, the tenets and principles of excellent service, communication and keeping up on your client's 'must haves' is what makes for a great foundation, but wow, have things gone warp-speed in the past few years! Okay, so maybe I'm dating myself a bit, but back when I started in real estate, the way clients discovered what was for sale was to look in the classified section of the Sunday paper, circling prospects, or driving around their neighborhoods-of-choice perusing the for sale signs. Buyers and sellers of today are so well-equipped with the tools for property searches, neighborhood comparisons, market analysis, loan information...even ratings and reviews of real estate agents. There's an app for v…