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What is a loan modification?

Even if your financial difficulties are severe and long term, you should contact your lender or a housing counselor to try to work something out. Your lender may agree to a loan modification to permanently change one or more of your loan terms.

A loan modification may involve a reduction of your interest rate, an extension of your loan term to 40 years, a reduction in your loan balance, or other changes to the terms of your loan to make your mortgage payments more affordable.

Your lender may participate in the government-subsidized Home affordable Modification program which gives monetary incentives to both lenders and borrowers for modifying certain distressed loans. For more information about the Making Home Affordable program visit

What is a Deed-in-Lieu of Foreclosure?

A deed-in-lieu of foreclosure is a voluntary agreement between a borrower and lender for the borrower to give title to a property to the lender in full satisfaction of the loan secured by that property.

Your lender may look favorably at a deed-in-lieu of foreclosure because it will not have to spend time and money pursuing foreclosure. and TeamLund

All of our listings are 'featured' listings on due to our Team's activity, status and relationship that we have with Zillow.

The enhancement features of a 'featured' listing are:

- Our Team's listings are at the top of the search list above standard listings
- Multiple pictures of your home are uploaded to the site
- Detailed personalized marketing
- Open house dates and times

It pays to list with us!

What is a showcase listing?

Team Lund purchases a showcase listing for your home so that we can add additional marketing features such as:

- 25 pictures instead of 12
- In-depth personalized marketing instead of the bullet point facts
- Special message box
- Listing banner/header
- Open house dates and times
- Showcase listings show up first in searches, above standard listings, so there is a much higher chance of a potential buyer viewing your listing when it is a a showcase listing.

What is MetroList?

As a member of MetroList services, all our our listings are entered into MLS, the multiple listing service. This is the official site of Sacramento real estate agents. Agents use this site to find and research listings for homes. Because this is such a major marketing tool, we enter the maximum amount of information allowed including:

- 12 color pictures
- Virtual tour link
- 500 characters of marketing remarks
- Complete home information
- Open house dates and times

Advertising your home

TeamLund’s top goal is to make sure your home sells. To facilitate this, we advertise on many different websites. A few of these include our personal website at and our Pinterest account at

We also give your home a showcase listing on which means that it will stand out with multiple pictures and personalized marketing. Additionally we place your home on, and for even further online access.

If someone is looking for a home, it will be hard for them NOT to find your listing with us!

Get Pictures Taken by a Professional Photographer

TeamLund will hire a professional photographer that will professionally shoot photos of your home so that the lighting and angles are correct and display with the best positive results. We want potential buyers to have the best possible (early) exposure to your home when viewing it on the internet. We want to enable them to take the next step which is viewing your home in person.

Many of our past clients have commented on the quality of our photographs. To see an example please visit our featured listings page.

Pricing Your Home to Sell

TeamLund always promotes your home for optimal exposure and sale.

We price your home to sell based on researching sold, pending and active listings of homes in your area with the same amenities that your home has.

We also personally review active listings for competitive homes in your area. This means that we see which homes are selling within a certain time frame to determine at what price your home would sell best.

In addition to our experience and knowledge of the market, we add our intuitive sense of the price for which your home will sell.

Our team has over 12 years of experience in the Sacramento County area. We are dedicated to getting you the best price and making your home selling experience as easy and straightforward as possible.