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We hate to nag...but when are you going to fix that faucet??

The blur of 'The Holidays' has come and gone and pink candy hearts and chocolate-filled boxes have taken their places on store shelves. President's Day sales circulars will be arriving in our mailboxes and though there are still a few frosty mornings ahead of us before the clocks move forward, spring is on its way. In real estate terms, that means the now is the time to shore-up the homestead, tackle any pesky repairs that have been on your to-do list, finish those remodeling projects, update any fixtures that may be dating your digs and just generally clean-up the place. These are imperatives for listing your home for sale if you want to get top dollar (a.k.a. not give your money away) and help to ensure a smooth transaction. Pretty good idea even if you just want to have a clean, comfortable home too (makes those à la minute entertaining opportunities less-stressful too.) Here are some things we think are must-dos for selling, taken from some of the top real estate sites a…