Who We ❤️ When it Comes to Getting Hitched In (and Around) Sacramento.

Some of the People, Places, and Things You May or May Not Have Heard About That Can Make Your Wedding (and Honeymoon) Awesome. 

February is fast approaching and although the Amethyst is the official birthstone, everyone knows the diamond is the most bestowed gem of the month. We're advocates for love in all forms so whether you're opting for tradition or something far-out, may we suggest some venues for hosting, photogs for capturing, activities to do together and honeymoon suggestions to keep the love and happiness going even after the party.  

Gold Hill Vineyard

5660 Vineyard Ln. Placerville, California  | Gold Hill Website

Speaking of gems, this small-time winery & brewery is a hidden one. It's warm & rustic, with stupendous views & really good quaffables to please wine likers, beer likers, and both likers. There are a number of spots from which to choose to exchange those vows, from a park-like pond to, the best one in our humble opinion, a broad deck overlooking the vineyard below & wide open sky above. If the weather is right, you can party right there or take it inside to a moderately sized room with windows of the view. 

Delta Sailing School

learn to sail together | DeltaSailingSchool.com
Actual photo of Delta Sailing School class out in San Pablo Bay...how cool!

We've heard that it's the year of experiences. We are so on-board with that. And speaking of being on-board, sailing has always held quite an allure and when we heard that there's a place near Sacramento that offers affordable sailing lessons, we were intrigued. There are many reasons a couple might want to learn to sail. It's romantic for starters. It can sharpen communication skills that *might* become necessary in a marriage. Sailing can really make for a fun-eymoon & a couple that recreates together has a roughly 1,000,000% better chance of staying together. 

5 Star Journeys Travel 

Vacation Travel Experts | Visit Their Facebook Page

We pride ourselves on knowing lots of things, but we had no idea that there are actually travel agencies that can arrange the travel of your wildest dreams...at no cost to you. And bonus- they can get you super-cool perks that are only available because of their clout, like Champagne receptions, onboard credits, free pre-paid gratuities and other goodies that make you feel oh-so-special. Our favorite agents are the ladies at 5 Star Journeys. Between them, they cover all the bases like wine country trips, Caribbean vacays, everything Disney, all-inclusives, cruises, safaris, LGBTQ-centric travel and even trips for the 'extra adventurous' among us. Whether you know exactly what you want to do or have no earthly idea, they'll set you up. 

Stephanie Smith Photography

a photographer photographers ❤️ | STEPHANIE SMITH PHOTOGRAPHY 
Photo Courtesy of Stephanie Smith Photography
Stephanie doesn't do cheese unless it's on-purpose. One look at her site will tell you that. Even better? She has a way...with everyone. A way that makes the subject feel so comfortable that there's no choice but to be truly captured. She can do traditional, she can do artsy, she can do eclectic. If you're smart, you just let her do her thing. And she loves, loves what she does. She's a photographer photographers love. Everyone thinks they're a photographer. Trust us, they aren't. Stephanie is. 

A Class at the Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op 

A combo attendant's gift + rehearsal event | CLASS SCHEDULE
The new Sac Co-op digs are pretty amazing!                               

In an effort to turn slightly left on tradition and have a great time with your favorite people, may we suggest altering the usual rehearsal dinner a bit by turning it into an event with food, but adding the facet of learning (or brushing up on) a skill which is a gift in and of itself and doesn't require monogramming something that most likely will wind up collecting dust or not necessarily being someone's taste. What is most everyone's taste though, is getting together to make and eat food. If it isn't, they're probably not in your wedding party anyway.

Larsen Apple Barn Park

a truly sweet spot | APPLE HILL 
Ahhhhhhpple Barn Park beauty.
Marry the apple of your eye in a lovely, low-key setting complete with a water-wheel and waterfall, plenty of green grass and a sweet covered bridge perfect for a walk down the aisle. Not much need to dress-up the setting, but an apple theme does leave room for some pretty cute favors. And Jack Russell Farm Brewery is literally around the corner so you can mix it up and do a little bit of both or have a short-n-sweet ceremony, then head up the road for a few celebratory keg stands. Oh, and the park is PET FRIENDLY. Woof!

Wheyward Girl Creamery

Great Cheese a la WHeyward Girl Creamery
It may be a little bit bougie, but it's a bougie we can get into because, well...cheese. You can take the classes as a course or pick just one, but it's fun to do as a couple, a bridal/groom's party, as a wedding party group or by yourself quite frankly. You'll get feta educated, ricotta knowledge, fromage blanc facts, pressed cheeses aware and more, and as a gouda good bonus, you get to eat cheese. Okay we're done.


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