Need a little Downward Dog? Area yoga studios will hit the spot

treat yourself to a little Nirvana. 

April 2017

Yoga has definitely found its place in mainstream wellness and fitness. Sure, it took a thousand years or so, but who's counting. Its a hectic, workaday world we live in and the search for ways to sooth the spirit, stretch the limbs and find mindfulness often takes more effort than return but at least there seems to be a yoga studio in every 'hood these days so one needn't travel far to find a mat suitable for the next Sun Salutation. As for the path to spiritual enlightenment, finding your way may be as easy as finding a space in the Trader Joe's parking lot. 

5275 Sunrise Blvd., Fair Oaks, CA

This is a relative newbie to the Fair Oaks area but a real favorite. A full locker room with showers, retail area and instructors that people seem to LOVE. The schedule is varied and packed full throughout the day. It's clean clean clean and the equipment is kept up. It is a chain and the rates are not cheap. If you can commit to taking advantage of a robust schedule of classes, you'll get your money's worth. If not, you may want to choose a pay-as-you-go type of studio. Also, do not expect to be let in any class you after the start time. They are serious about not disrupting classes already in-session. Not a ding or a positive, just something to be aware of. Try a free trial and see what you think. Also, it's right next to Trader Joe's, so there's that.

4009 Bridge St., Fair Oaks, CA

A stalwart in Old Fair Oaks and we still get a kick out of the name. For the unaccustomed, Hot Yoga and/or Bikram is yoga done in a super-heated space. You generally either 'love it or hate it'. For the lovers, there's plenty and the instructors get big kudos from the students. For those that are in the 'meh not so much' camp, there are non-hot classes too. It's an intimate studio with a welcoming atmosphere and good class prices with drop-in ability. Make it a quickie or take a stroll after class over the Sunrise River Bridge and keep the happy feelings going. Or walk over to the village and grab a beer...but only after you have hydrated, hydrated and rehydrated. Hot Yoga is a kicker.
7225 Lincoln Ave., Carmichael, CA

The meaning of hidden gem. The most hippie-like of the group with yoga, group meditation, cooking classes and such. The setting is really lovely with a tranquil Koi pond, muraled studio, tree-lined drive and fountain and perfect for those seeking an experience versus just a get-in and get-it-done class. Would be a wonderful outing for a solo soulful tune-up or with a friend or sweetheart. 
9373 Winding Oak Drive, Fair Oaks, CA

So technically this is not a yoga studio, or should we say not ONLY a yoga studio, but a gym/club that offers many types of classes, yoga being one of them. Now that we explained ourselves; they offer a few different types of yoga styles, nothing out of the ordinary but good enough to get your yoga-on, plus with a membership, you can access the club's other offerings. The cost of membership is less than if you paid for about 10 classes separately at many studios so if you like to do yoga AND lots of other things, this may be a good choice for you. 


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